Düşyeri was founded by Ayşe Şule Kıraç with a little group of dreamers in 2008. In İstanbul, Turkey the first animation production has been «Pepee» which is now turned out to be the first national cartoon brand in Turkey. Düsyeri has worked hard to make animations and build brands over each project.

With a rapid growth, Düsyeri proved that Turkey is capable of producing high quality animations and engage licensing programs

In 2010 Dusyeri opened new studios in Eskisehir. Currently Dusyeri performs in to major studios; İstanbul and Eskişehir. Dusyeri is continuously investing in research and development for new production techniques.

Dusyeri is now on production of Pepee, Leliko, Ayas and Pisi. New projects are on the line.
Dusyeri is focused on making most popular tv animations and movies nation wide and world wide.