Leliko Tanıtım


EPISODES : 12' x 52

TARGET MARKET : Core group: 6-9 Secondary group: preschool/ 9-11


TECHNICAL : 2D digital animation

COPYRIGHT : Dusyeri Animation Studios

TV NETWORK : Planet Cocuk in Turkey

You want adventure! But the world is already saved from aliens, galaxy is freed from villains; stars are just occupied; monsters are no longer exciting. So how will we entertain the school kids? We have solved the problem. Come and join us with Ayas!
He is a city-boy. Mad about having a dog but instead this computer engineer father gives him a tablet PC with a special application to keep and share video diaries- and the fun begins.
Family, friends, school, streets and nature; all full of adventure!
He is a curious boy, loves to explore; how bees make honey, how fire-fighters rescue people… While there are great things to learn, there is always an adventure to run, chase, hide and jump; laugh and fight!
On each episode we watch a video diary recording of Ayas. Global taste with mystic Istanbul sceneries…